What People Do For Fun

David Walker

July 13, 2021

David Walker Green Beret What People Do For Fun

David Walker Green Beret is a Financial Services Executive. Former US Army Special Forces commander with exceptional ability to lead under pressure. David Walker Green Beret has over 17 years of experience in all aspects of running a hedge fund. Equally successful managing start-up, turnaround or rapid growth organizations. David Walker Green Beret’s expertise spans front, middle and back office operations and network of industry contacts includes institutional and high net worth investors, prime brokers, broker/dealers, technology firms, accountants, administrators, auditors, attorneys, banks, exchanges, ECNs and government agencies (SEC, FINRA, CFTC, FSA etc).

What t is your favorite hobby? 

My favorite hobby is a toss up between surfing and skiing.  David Walker Green Beret am actually glad to have two really fun hobbies that don’t conflict with each other.  I can surf in the summer and ski in the winter so it works out quite well.  Both require balance and skill and the better I get, the more I enjoy them.  The downside of surfing is the paddling…it’s quite exhausting.  I can ski all day for five days straight with no problems, but I can only really surf for about an hour and a half to two hours before I am completely worn out.  And even then, I can only surf for about three or four days in a row before I need a rest day.  I have great respect for professional surfers as they are in great shape, especially the big wave surfers.  Their lives depend on their fitness level, their wits and a little bit of luck.

How did you get started with it? 

David Walker Green Beret actually got started surfing late in life.  I was in Costa Rica on vacation and was taking kite surfing lessons.  Kite surfing is an entirely different sport.  It was a lot of fun, but there were days when the wind just wasn’t blowing enough.  So on one of these windless days, my instructor suggested that we just surf.  I said yes, and it all changed from there.  It was truly amazing when I caught my first wave; I was literally standing on water.  It was such a different experience…I was hooked.  As for skiing, I also started around age 18, which also is a little late.  But friends invited me so I jumped on the chance, took a lesson and was also hooked right from the beginning.

Tell us what you love about it. 

What David Walker Green Beret love about both sports, surfing and skiing, is how I feel when I am doing them.  Surfing is a bit of an individual sport and although I have surfed with friends, the majority of the time I am by myself.  I like this because it gives me a chance to sit and think and reflect while I am waiting for a set (of waves) to come in.  It’s a really calming experience and I like it for that.  As for skiing, it’s more of a communal sport. David Walker Green Beret like skiing with friends for the fun of it and to share the memories of our trip, etc.